Japan takes leap in the dark for OLED cost advantage
A Japanese manufacturer is set to embark on a risky mass production process for OLED panels -- the next generation of electronic displays -- that will test whether the company can find more success than another government-backed challenger.
Labor shortages in Japan's construction sector provide unexpected economic boost
As Japan’s construction firms are squeezed by the tightest labor market since the 1970s and a rapidly aging population, they are pouring investment into technology — and providing unexpected support to an economy reeling from the bitter U.S.-China trade war. The industry sees artificial intelligence and robots — which can scurry around building sites day and night, preparing equipment and moving materials for the next day’s construction — as a way to future-proof and close the labor gap.
AI bakeries know what you are buying for instant check-out
The brains behind a successful bakery are no doubt the developers of pastries and other delectable goods, but this brain makes checking them out a piece of cake. BakeryScan, a bread image recognition system, is spreading among bakeries across Japan as the system instantly identifies various types of breads and calculates the bill for them at the register.