Lawson tracks customer habits in Indonesia store to hone selection

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Lawson tracks customer habits in Indonesia store to hone selection

Japanese convenience store operator Lawson has partnered with NEC to run an Indonesian pilot shop that uses video analysis to better determine shopping habits and inventory choices.

The trial program starts Tuesday at a store in the Jakarta suburb of Tangerang. About 20 ceiling cameras will record how long customers visit the shop and the shelf spaces they approach.

The visual data will be analyzed in real time and accessible to the store supervisor. The results will be paired with point-of-sales data to help the store improve sales promotion, such as by readying extra quantities of hot-selling items.

Freezers contain sensors that automatically monitor temperatures and whether doors are open or closed. Employees previously needed to check temperatures manually. The system will help streamline tasks and track power usage by the store.

Lawson expanded into Indonesia in 2011 and operated 71 locations in the country as of the end of June. The company plans to use results from the pilot to digitize the rest of the stores.

Indonesia, the largest Southeast Asian nation by population, will serve as Lawson's venue to develop efficient store management processes that help expand the company's overseas operations.

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Tue, 08/25/2020 - 01:28