ZHdK visits Tokyo University of the Arts

Switzerland’s biggest art and design school, the Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK visited the Tokyo University of Arts (a.k.a. Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku or Tokyo Geidai).

On initiative of a Japanese student at ZHdK, ZHdK’s Prof Ulrich Görlich and a group of design students collaborated with Tokyo’s most well-known art school, Tokyo Geijitsu Daigaku, and finally met after almost a year of remote and online collaborations. The exchange resulted in an exhibition in Tokyo as well as several presentations by Prof. Goerlich.

At a special lecture with the ironic sounding title “Zurich University of the Arts – Is there a better art school? (Yes, on Mars)” held at Tokyo Geidai on Wednesday, October 14, Prof. Görlich (Head of Program, ZHdK) and Prof. Schiesser (Head of the Department of Art & Media, ZHdK) both introduced their school as well as an trans-cultural exchange program they had established. Hopefully this program will be extended also to Japan in the near future.

The following Swiss Wine & Cheese gathering emphasised the good contact – many intense and friendly discussions were held. Tokyo Geidai will visit Switzerland’s ZHdK next year!

Public Program of the exchange week:

Half-Understood, Half-Collapse, Half-Open is the first exchange exhibition by fine arts students from two leading art universities of Japan and Switzerland. Social media played a central role in the creative process for the realization of this project by building communication channels between artists from both countries. The exhibition is open everyday from 10:00 to 17:00 and is free of charge. Side events:
– Tokyo Research Report, Oct. 13, 15:00, followed by reception party
– Lecture by Ulrich Görlich, ZHDK Professor, Oct. 14, 18:00, followed by apero
– Performance by Katherine Paino Miranda, Oct. 16, 17:00,
– Closing talk, Oct. 20, 15:00, followed by closing party.
Further information: http://tokyogeidai-zhdk.tumblr.com

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