Times Higher Education Ranking: ETH Zurich best university in Continental Europe

Compiled after the world rankings, Times Higher Education released the list of Europe’s 200 top universities 2016. Considering the size of the country, Switzerland managed to place a surprising 9 universities on the list, and two of these are even within the Top 11! Here is the ranking of the Swiss institutions (Top 101-200 are grouped in ten as they are quite close in scores):

4. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
11. EPFL – École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
43. University of Basel
45. University of Zurich
54. University of Bern
60. University of Geneva
69. University of Lausanne
111.-120. University of Fribourg
191.-200. University of St. Gallen

ETH Zurich on rank four is the highest-ranked Continental European (and non-anglophone) university. Within the Top 11, there are seven UK institutions, two from Switzerland and one each from Sweden and Germany. On a first glance, this seems to be slightly biased towards the UK. However, Times Higher Education tries to analyze the universities as objectively as possible, analyzing 13 different, calibrated performance indicators grouped in four categories. These areas are “Teaching” (the learning environment), “Research” (volume, income and reputation), “Citations” (research influence), “International outlook” (staff, students and research), and “Industry income” (knowledge transfer).


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