Toshiba, once a hedge fund target, seeks to become one
Toshiba, the Japanese conglomerate that two years ago was pressured by activist investors to restructure its operations in one of the country's most controversial corporate sagas, may soon join the ranks of hedge funds by becoming one itself.
Japan's top 20 startups surpass 1tn yen in total value
Startups are continuing to grow in Japan, with a Nikkei survey finding the estimated corporate value of the 20 leading newer businesses increased 22% to exceed a combined value of 1 trillion yen ($9.2 billion) in the year to September. Growth is especially notable in the artificial intelligence and financial technology, or fintech, areas.
Blockchain wins backing in Japan as Libra tips scales
Japan's big, established brokerage houses are opening up to blockchain -- the technology behind bitcoin -- in a growing recognition of its game-changing potential despite a year and a half of setbacks for cryptocurrencies.