Swiss Watch Delegation visits Morioka Seiko Instruments

A Swiss delegation headed IMG_5833
by Swiss Creative Center Director & Swissnex founder Dr. Xavier Comtesse and Mr. Takahiro Hamaguchi (Vaucher Manufacture, Fleurier) visited the mechanical watch maker Morioka Seiko in the North of Japan. The Swiss delegation consisted of watch industry members and suppliers, as well as Creaholic CEO and Swatch Co-inventor Mr. Elmar Mock.

Seiko Morioka Instruments produces 1’000-1’500 mechanical high quality watches per months – mostly under the brand name “Grand Seiko”, as well as about 10 Million analog quartz movements per month (!). World-wide estimated sales are 1.2-1.3 Billion watches per year! The company does not only make the quartz movements in house, but also the tools that make the parts and strongly focus on the internal education of its staff.

Even though 30 years ago during the ‘Quartz crisis‘ Japan was the enemy of Switzerland’s Watch industry, the Swiss delegation now reached out to Japan to search a common answer to smart watches, e.g., the Apple watch.

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