Nestlé “Food for Life” forum at Tokyo University

IMG_6300Nestlé invited to their 5th “Food for Life” Science Forum on the topic of “Nutrition and Healthy Aging”. The event attracted 250 interested participants to the Tokyo University where the half-day event took place. The forum was opened by Prof. Keiko Abe (Chairperson of the Board of Nestlé Nutrition Council Japan and professor at the University of Tokyo), Prof. Takeshi Tange (Dean of the Graduated School of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo) and Dr. Fabrizio Arigoni (Nestlé Research Center Tokyo & Beijing).

IMG_6299Dr. Arigoni mentioned the changing demographics of Japan and that “it’s not about adding age to life, but about adding life to age.” The meaning of the science forum was to raise awareness of the strong connection between Health, Nutrition & Aging.

The two keynote lectures were given by Dr. Yoshiko Ishimi and Prof. Hiroyasu Kato. 

Prof. Yoshiko Ishimi mentioned in her presentation titled “Nutrition and Physical Activity for Bone Health” that in Japan while more men aged 15-69 years are becoming overweight with a BMI > 25, more women are actually becoming underweight (BMI 18.5 or less); the calorie-intake of the last years has been constantly decreasing in Japan!  However, while more than 35% of the american population is obese (BMI > 30), only 3.6% of Japanese have the same problem. In order to have healthy bones, it is important to be physically active, to eat healthy and to get enough exposure to the sun!

Prof. Kato showed in his presentation with the title “Relationships of nutrition and diet with lifestyle-related disease in middle-aged and elder Japanese” the relationship of nutrition on various diseases. He too emphasized as the key to healthy aging, a healthy diet with little salt and the need for daily physical activity.

Various questions of the audience showed the strong interest of the audience in this topic.

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