NCCR D-Fab visits Japan

A delegation from the National Centre of Competence in Research Digital Fabrication (NCCR D-Fab), visited Japan to meet with counterparts and potential partners in academia and industry. The group, invited to attend an academic symposium, took advantage of the occasion to exchange with experts in the field of architecture and construction to understand the situation in Japan and explore opportunities for future collaboration.

During their stay, Managing Director Dr. Russell Loveridge and his team visited the lab of by Prof. Yusuke Obuchi at the University of Tokyo, Department of Architecture to have casual discussions with the students. In addition to Prof. Obuchi, Prof. Kaoru Yamanouchi of the Department of Chemistry, School of Science and Dr. Teruyuki Hayashi, Senior Research Administrator from the Office of Research Strategy and Development, Graduate School of Science also warmly welcomed the visitors from Switzerland.

The students from the lab grasped the opportunity to inquire about D-Fab and ETH Zurich with Dr. Loveridge as well as NCCR D-Fab’s Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) Officer, Dr. René Jähne, and Mr. Hannes Meyer, Senior Researcher at Gramazio Kohler Research (GKR), ETH Zurich. The Swiss experts enjoyed lively discussions for approximately two hours after which they received a brief tour of the lab.



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