JP-CH 2014: Lecture by Architect Kengo Kuma

JP-CH 2014: Lecture by Mr. Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma x Jan GeipelOn the first day of the “JP-CH 2014: Building in Context” exhibition held at Spiral Garden in Aoyama, Tokyo, “Under one Roof” architect Mr. Kengo Kuma gave a wonderful and deep lecture and discussed his various projects.

Prof. Jan Geipel (Exhibition curator, Geneva University of Art and Design) discussed with the star-architect his projects, his motivations and his latest building “under one roof” that is being built at the moment on EPFL‘s campus.

The more we know about Switzerland, the more intriguing it gets. Switzerland has both aspects of nature and advanced technology at the same time. It goes beyond the conventional categories. I have been also working with the intention of transcending ordinary categories.” – Kengo Kuma

1964805_474910779318546_3684480319848616723_nNext Lecture:
Riken Yamamoto x Jan Geipel

Mr. Riken Yamamoto, the mastermind who designed “The Circle – Zurich Airport”, says “precision” is the outstanding characteristic of Swissness that the Swiss people have cultivated over a long period of time and has become a part of their mindset. Join us to hear more from the renowned architect at a special lecture on October 13 from 18:45 at Spiral Cafe.
Registration and details: www.JParchitecture.CH

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