2.6 Million CHF for young researchers in bio-inspired material sciences

plant cuticleThe European Commission has granted 2.6 million Swiss Francs for a joint project of the University of Fribourg (CH), and its partners, the University of Freiburg (D) and the University of Cambridge (UK). The grant is part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and will allow nine PhD students in material science to do high-level research and at the same time to gain know-how directly from the industry, within the framework of the Innovative Training Networks (ITN).

Over a period of four years, the nine researchers selected will proceed with their research at one of the three universities while also getting the chance to do internships in large firms in the chemical and food industries. Furthermore, they will benefit from a network of renown laboratories in different disciplines.

nicoBrunsThe project is called «Plant-inspired Materials and Surfaces» (PlaMatSu) and coordinated by University of Fribourg’s Prof. Nico Bruns (left picture; source: University of Fribourg). It is the first time, that the University of Fribourg takes the lead in a ITN. The nine research projects will focus on the function and structure of plant cuticles (picture above, source: Wikipedia), in order to develop new materials based on the plants’ characteristics.

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