Swiss Alumni Organizations

The Japan Chapters of the Swiss University Alumni Organizations serve as an access point in Japan to former students, professors and researchers at Swiss Universities. For the Science & Technology Office Tokyo these chapters are of great importance to keep the contact to Swiss University graduates living in Japan, but also to the incoming and outgoing exchange students.

The following chapters exist in Japan: University of St. Gallen (since 2008), ETH Zurich (since 2009), University of Lausanne (since 2010), EPFL (since 2010), University of Zurich (since 2012) and University of Geneva / HEID (since 2012). In 2013 we initiated a loose organization “Swiss Kansai Alumni Chapter” of Swiss university related people living in Japan. The SJCC also has an alumni organization that is active in Japan.

The following people are chairing the chapters; please contact them if you would like to join the respective organization.

University of St. Gallen: Mr. Gerald Gassert
ETH Zurich: Prof. Dr. Daniel Citterio, Ms. Yumiko Watanabe
University of Lausanne: Mr. Fabien Clerc, Ms. Asuka Nakata
EPFL: Mr. Olivier Rumley
University of Zurich: Ms. Tomoko Sekiguchi, Mr. Michael Vogelsanger, Alumni UZH
University of Geneva / HEID: Mr. Pascal Praplan / Prof. Dr. Hae Bong Shin

Swiss Kansai Alumni Chapter: Mr. Aurelio Cortese, Mr. Yuta Daigi
SJCC: Ms. Jacqueline Tschumi

If you are not part of any of these organizations but are affiliated with a Swiss institute of higher education, please sign up for our mailing list where we send out information on events related to Switzerland.

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