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With a total of four faculties (Arts and Humanities, Science, Law and Economics), and ranked among the twenty best global universities with fewer than 5000 students, the University of Neuchâtel offers focused and innovative education, largely thanks to its research centres, which boost its profile beyond Switzerland’s borders. Modestly sized and open to the world, the University of Neuchâtel puts its students at the heart of everything it does.

The University of Neuchâtel wants to be as relevant as possible when it comes to the disruptions of the 4.0 Revolution, in which it plays its own part. With around 80% of its student body working in the humanities and social science sectors, it is dedicated to finding efficient solutions to the issues of the future, given the societal, economic, legal and cultural consequences of technological innovations.

Excellent supervision

At Neuchâtel, internationally renowned professors — chosen for their expertise in their fields of study, their teaching skills and their academic networks — are at the heart of an effective system of mentoring, allowing students to flourish in their studies.

A modestly sized institution

Discussion, exchange and the building of relationships are fundamental at the University of Neuchâtel, making the learning experience anything but anonymous. Teachers are always available, and there is a real spirit of solidarity at the heart of the student community.

A culture of interaction

At the University of Neuchâtel, students actively participate in classes, and take part in group work, seminars and fieldwork excursions.

In contact with the research community

From the start of their studies, students have the opportunity to interact with doctoral assistants and researchers, and to take part in many different projects. The inclusion of Master’s students in the University’s research teams opens up a variety of interesting career paths, thanks to the relationships which its institutes maintain with businesses.

A hotline to society

The University is constantly evolving: the tuition on offer aims to respond to the needs of society today, and anticipate those of tomorrow.

Openness to the world

Each faculty offers ‘Eurocompatible’ study programmes, at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. Over 20% of the University of Neuchâtel’s student body hails from overseas, representing a hundred different nationalities: a great asset, not just in educational terms but for university life more widely.

Student services

The University of Neuchâtel has an effective housing service, high-performance IT infrastructure, a social support office, a language centre, and a career development service, as well as a huge variety of sporting and cultural activities.


French is the main teaching language at Bachelor’s level, and the most frequently used at Master’s level, although certain Master’s programmes and courses are taught entirely in English. The Language Centre gives students the chance to perfect their knowledge of English, German, Italian and Spanish.

For non-Francophones

Studying at Neuchâtel is also a great opportunity to improve your French. As well as full-time and part-time courses, the Institute of French Language and Culture (ILCF) offers free French classes for students whose mother tongue is not French.

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