Swiss Post start-up scouting tour, intense and diverse!

The Swiss Post travelled to Japan as part of its start-up scouting tour in Asia, jointly organized by the Science & Technology Offices of Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and swissnex Shanghai. During his three-day stay, Mr. Thierry Golliard, Director of Open Innovation and Venturing met eleven start-ups in one-on-one meetings, made presentations to audiences from government, industry and academia, and visited facilities backed by municipalities providing support to local start-ups.

The program was intense and diverse. In addition to the meetings with pre-selected start-ups, additional SMEs and spin-offs interested in Switzerland were introduced by local partners, namely Osaka Innovation Hub supported by Osaka City and Fukuoka Growth Next backed by Fukuoka City. Facility tours included the Knowledge Salon within the Knowledge Capital, Osaka Grand Front, and the Fukuoka Start-up Cafe as well as the Gooday Fab Daimyo housed in Fukuoka Growth Next.

In Tokyo, larger corporations from various fields including logistics companies, financial institutions and the Japan Post Co. were introduced to the open innovation activities of Swiss Post at a presentation and networking event at the Swiss Ambassador’s Residence. Mr. Yoshiaki Ishii, Director, New Business Policy Office, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) gave a short opening for the networking part.

Mr. Golliard provided a very positive, innovative image of Swiss Post to his Japanese counterparts. We believe his efforts will bear fruit in the long term and the tour will prove successful for Swiss Post!

Presentation at the Swiss Ambassador's Residence
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