2nd Swiss-Kyoto Symposium leads to closer collaboration

After the Kyoto Symposium has been held in Autumn of 2013 in Switzerland (during the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations) with more than 100 researchers traveling from Kyoto University to Zurich, the follow-up event took place this week in Kyoto. Less researchers travelled, but the symposium was equally successful and perfectly organized by Kyoto University. 

The 2nd Kyoto-Swiss Symposium was opened by Kyoto
University’s President, Prof. Yamagiwa img_1793with a warm welcome speech, followed by a greeting by University of Zurich’s Vice President  Medicine and Science, Prof. Hock. Executive Vice President Prof. Inaba and Director of International Relations Dr. Inauen presented their respective schools and invited researchers and students to visit.

After two topical keynote speeches on Alzheimer and Cancer Research by the Vice Presidents of the two institutions the parallel sessions started: Six wide-ranging topics were chosen for this symposium with both young and established r0011435researchers from the University of Zurich and Kyoto University discussing their latest research.

More than 50 professors, researchers and post-docs exchanged their views on Healthy Aging, Primate Morphology and Behavior, Plants in Changing Environments, Digital Society and Big Data Era, Investigations into the Disciplines of Japanese and East Asian Art Histories and Regenerative Medicine for Cardiac and Neural Diseases. The discussions continued during the coffee breaks and the networking dinner further suggesting that the right people met.

Congratulations, Kyoto University and University of Zurich for this perfectly organized and stimulating Symposium that will definitely lead to more exchange between our two countries!

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