Zurich presented as frontrunner in “architecture x digital”

Zurich was presented as the frontrunner in the “architecture x digital” world to an enthusiastic audience at TechShop Japan in Tokyo, by Mr. Keisuke Toyoda, architect and co-founder of noiz architects.

Mr. Toyoda, who recently visited ETH Zurich, Empa and the Swiss National Museum on behalf of Wired Japan (read more in our previous blog) spoke with excitement and delight of his trip to Zurich where he believes is the place with one of the biggest, if not the biggest, momentums in the field of computational architecture on the globe.

The field has yet to have a material impact in the real world of building and construction. However, Mr. Toyoda is convinced that the technologies will eventually be ready. And when the time comes, the researchers in Zurich, who have already been working on the topic for more than five years, will have such an advantage that “no company or country would be able to catch up.”

Aside from his insights on new technologies and visions which can be found in Vol. 24 of Wired Japan, Mr. Toyoda commented on Switzerland as a country being “active in investments for the creation of values and technology.” He also touched upon the research labs he visited in Switzerland being international as “in some cases approximately half of the graduate students being from abroad, and this is fueling energy” to their research, he said.

The Vol. 24 issue, available starting today, can be purchased here: http://wired.jp/magazine/vol_24/

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