ZHdK photography professor and students give workshop

ZHdK photography professor and students give workshop

DSCF2519 croppedZurich University of the Arts’ (ZHdK) Prof. Marianne Mueller, Head of Photography, Department of Art & Media, and her students held a workshop lecture with students of photography and guests at the IMA Concept Store in Roppongi, Tokyo.

The event was a unique occasion that introduced not only Prof. Mueller’s insights as an artist but also the experiences of the professor and students at ZHdK. Despite the snowy weather, the seats in the gallery run by the editors of the art photography magazine IMA were basically full.

Prof. Mueller began the evening event by showing her broad range of creations including her most recent book to installations with performances in Switzerland and abroad.

Following the first part of her presentation, Prof. Mueller gave the audience a glimpse of her work as an educator, although she emphasized that her role was more of a coach that encourages students to see things in different ways than someone who “tells the students right from wrong”. ZHdK aims to offer students the opportunity of personalized learning, requiring them to be more experimental, autonomous and to develop their own themes, skills, ways and means. In this sense, students are free to work with any medium, she said.

Ms. Melanie Matthieu, Prof. Mueller’s teaching assistant, added that ZHdK is reforming itself to dissolve the distinctions between photography and fine arts. The goal is to stimulate intra-disciplinary exchanges for more dynamic outcomes.

The students took over for the latter half of the workshop, sharing their works and experiences at ZHdK with the audience. Mr. James Batten who had just finished his exchange semester at the Tokyo Zokei University was the top batter. He was followed by Ms. Svetlana Buerki, Ms. Chantal Kaufmann, Ms. Valentina Minnig, Mr. Denis Twerenbold, Ms. Anina Yoko Gantenbein and last but not least, Mr. Dominik Zietlow, who had supported Prof. Mueller in her latest installation and book launch event SOU-SOU.

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