WEF Human Capital Index 2016: Switzerland top in education and training

The World Economic Forum WEF released the latest Human Capital Index report, assessing 130 countries’ level of how they make use of their human capital. The report, as presented at the Summer-Davos in Tjianjin (China, June 26-28), aims at helping countries to figure out which of their policies work and where there is scope for improvement for future developments.

According to this latest report, Switzerland ranks 3rd in the overall score, only falling behind Finland and Norway. However, Switzerland scored highest in the quality of the education system as well as in workforce training. Japan is ranked 4th on the overall, directly behind Switzerland. The interactive map below (provided by WEF) shows the countries’ overall scores and rankings.

For the report, data provided by public institutions and international organizations (e.g. UNESCO, ILO, WHO) as well as online big data sources from platforms like LinkedIn were investigated, analyzing a total of 46 different indicators for five different age groups.

Switzerland’s major shortcoming is the employment rate of the 55-64 years age group, ranking 60th only. In general however, the report is another proof of the outstanding quality of Switzerland’s education and training system. Considering the fact that it was ranked first on the overall in the 2013 ranking, the small country in the heart of Europe just has to make sure to keep up with the pace of global development and not to rest on its laurels.

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