Cybathlon presented at VR/XR for Humanitarian Action Symposium in collaboration with ICRC

With the goal of highlighting various technologies utilized for humanitarian objectives, the Science & Technology Office Tokyo was invited by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) mission in Japan to present Cybathlon at the VR (and Cutting-Edge Technology) for Humanitarian Action Symposium.

The symposium, held as part of the 2017 Japan XR Hackathon, was aimed at exploring the application of cutting edge technologies including VR, AR and MR in the works being done by humanitarian organizations. Audiences including members of the government, non-governmental organizations, academia and media joined the event.

The first speaker, Mr. Christian Rouffaer, Head of Project-Virtual Reality Tools, ICRC, spoke of the international humanitarian organization’s efforts and progress in adopting virtual reality tools. Mr. Rouffaer also shared his experience of the hackathon and high expectations for what future developments could bring.

Then, Mr. Karl Kranz, co-Founder of Silicon Valley Virtual Reality which is an industry organization for VR professionals, presented the humanitarian use cases of VR. Although currently most applications are in disaster preparedness, emergency response and training, he believes VR is the ultimate technology that allows one to be anyone, go anywhere and do anything, therefore the technology that offers endless opportunities.

In addition to the Cybathlon, the international competition initiated by ETH Zurich for people with disabilities assisted by the latest robotics technologies, the S&T Office Tokyo presented its virtual reality Annual Report 2016 on this occasion.

Last but not least, congratulations to Noitom International Inc. for the great organization!


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