Visitors wish Cybathlon to come to Japan at LIVES TOKYO 2017!

On September 10th, Cybathlon was presented at LIVES TOKYO 2017, an event to promote efforts to expand working opportunities for the disabled.

LIVES TOKYO was a large-scale event co-organized by Hands On Tokyo at Midtown Tokyo in Roppongi. It aimed to reflect upon the difficulties faced by people with disabilities in the workplace environment and in society in general. Distinguished guests attended the event, such as Ms. Akie Abe, wife of the Prime Minister of Japan, as well as the famous music producer Tsunku.

Visitors were eager to know more about Cybathlon, the international competition founded by ETH Zurich that promotes the development of technologies facilitating the everyday life of people with disabilities. Many of them expressed their wishes for Cybathlon to come to Japan! Some qualified visitors even wanted to participate as “pilots” who actually compete in the race, making use of the advanced Technologies.

As for the event in general, different symposiums and panel discussions were organized during the day, showcasing inspiring speakers who shared their experiences and the challenges faced on an everyday basis by those with disabilities. Some professionals also presented innovative ideas for a better inclusion of those with disabilities in the society and in workplaces.

Music showcases and workshops were also organized in parallel. Moreoever, sport experiences such as wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, para-track and field race were highly attended and appreciated!

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