Video highlighting CYBATHLON & TWIICE visit premiered in Sagamihara!

A video produced by the Science & Technology Office Tokyo on the occasion of the visit of Cybathlon co-directors Roland Sigrist and Dario Wyss as well as members of TWIICE, the exoskeleton that competed in the first Cybathlon in 2016 was shown for the first time to the Near Future Technology Study Group, Technical Committee of the Sagamihara Chamber of Commerce and Industry where the Science & Technology Office Tokyo was invited to present Swiss innovation.

The opportunity to present Cybathlon and Swiss innovation was proposed through Meltin MMI, one of the three Japanese teams that participated in the unique competition last year.

The approximately 40 participants at the study meeting, mostly owners of local companies specializing in manufacturing but also service companies in relevant fields, were highly motivated in learning Meltin’s advanced technologies. They also listened avidly to the new approach offered by Cybathlon, the  international competition for people with physical disabilities assisted by the latest robotic technologies. An owner of a metal engineering company even offered to contribute some magnesium alloys if a Cybathlon Series were to be held in Japan.

ETH Zurich, where Cybathlon was founded, will host the second main competition on 2-3 May 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland. In the meantime, several Cybathlon Series featuring one or two of the disciplines of the main event are expected to take place in other countries. Stay posted for updates on a possible Series in Japan.

Meltin MMI specializes in myoelectric & bio-electric signals as well as wire traction drive for robotic hands. The team competed not only in the Powered Prosthesis Arm race but also the Functional Electric Stimulation (FES) Bike Race.

Watch a more “compact” version of the video here:


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