Tokyo Tech Students Looking to Studying in Switzerland

Tokyo Tech Students Looking to Studying in Switzerland

The Swiss booth was one of the most popular at Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Study Abroad Fair that was held on April 23. The event attracted approximately 400 students to the presentations and booths of the university itself, as well as higher education promotion institutions from 10 countries from mainly Europe and North America.

More than 40 students visited the Swiss booth during the two-and-a-half-hours assigned for individual consultation. A quarter of these students were freshmen whom just entered the university about two weeks prior to the event. Stopping by at the Swiss booth was the first encounter with Switzerland for most of them. For the Science and Technology Office Tokyo, Embassy of Switzerland, promoting Swiss higher education in Japan, it was a good opportunity to reach out to excellent students.

The remaining three-quarters of the visitors had particular interest in studying in Switzerland by applying to exchange programs with partner universities. Two Tokyo Tech students who had spent one year and six months respectively at ETH Zurich, with which the Japanese university has two exchange programs, supported the Swiss booth. Mr. Taku Sugita, pursuing his PhD and Ms. Shiori Tanida in a masters course both had fond memories of studying in Switzerland and gave positive, enthusiastic and practical advice to their peers and juniors.

Ms. Mirjam Minder, an exchange student from the University of Zurich also helped the Swiss booth, providing valuable information on student life in Switzerland.

Apart from the booth, a short presentation on Studying in Switzerland was given by Dr. Matthias Frey, Head of the Science and Technology Office Tokyo.

Tokyo Tech has exchange programs with ETH Zurich, EPFL, and the Universities of Zurich and Geneva.

Other participating countries to the event were the U.S., France, Germany, U.K., Italy, Australia, Norway, Sweden and Canada.

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