The Swiss National Science Foundation optimized its funding scheme for international research exchanges

Swiss National Science Foundation

(source: SNSF)

The SNSF’s former funding schemes for Scientific Conferences, International Exploratory Workshops and International Short Visits were merged into a single funding scheme for Scientific Exchanges. With an annual budget of up to CHF 3.4 million, grants will be allocated for hosting scientific events such as conferences or workshops in Switzerland (travel expenses, food and board covered for participants), as well as research visits of up to six months by foreign researchers to Switzerland or Swiss researchers to other countries (travel, food and board covered).

Grants can be requested in all disciplines. Applications must be submitted at least four months before the event or visit. The application process and management will be easier under the new scheme, since it combines different kinds of exchanges.

Through the merging and optimization of funding schemes, SNSF answers to the increasing number of funding requests connected to international research exchange: in 2016, around 260 events as well as 130 research visits were supported with SNSF funding.

Please find more detailed information about the Scientific Exchanges funding scheme on the respective website.

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