Swiss Venture Capital Report 2016: Investment up!

According to the latest Swiss Venture Capital Report, the invested venture capital has increased in 2015 for the fourth consecutive time. Investors, both Swiss and foreign, disbursed around CHF 676 million in venture capital, which means an increase of 48% compared to 2014.

As shown in the following graphs, especially the invested capital in the biotech sector has increased considerably, and also the ICT sector investments show signs of recovery. (Source: venture capital report

Another remarkable shift has occurred in terms of geographical dispersion of the investments. While in 2014 72% of the total venture capital went to the Cantons of Zurich and Vaud, where the two Federal Institutes of Technology are located, this proportion fell to about 50% in 2015. The beneficiaries of this shift are the Cantons of Basel, Geneva and Zug.


Not only Switzerland, but Japan as well has seen a growth in venture capital investments during the past year, reports Nikkei Asian Review. According to a survey by Japan Venture Research, the capital raised by unlisted companies increased by 10% compared to the previous year, to about ¥140 billion (approx. $1.23 billion). Also corporate venture funds increased by an astonishing 430%, states Recof, a Tokyo-based consultancy specializing in mergers and acquisitions. One of the new businesses profiting from these investments is Spiber, a producer of synthetic spider silk portrayed in this blog earlier.

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