Swiss Universities’ Alumni & Friends Japan gatherings in Tokyo and Kyoto

Alumni gatherings are being held periodically, offering former students in Switzerland to keep their ties to Switzerland and to each other. Most recently, the Kansai alumni chapter met for an informal get-together in Kyoto. Newcomers discovered Japanese “Swiss-German” speakers, while long-time members enjoyed exchanging with those freshly returned from Switzerland.

Alumni & Friends Hanami Event 2017Meanwhile in Tokyo, on April 1 – no kidding – the annual alumni hanami event was held with numerous participants, despite the unstable weather conditions. Unfortunately, the outdoor picnic had to be canceled, but we could nevertheless enjoy the few cherry blossoms already blooming at Kitanomaru-park during an afternoon-stroll and apéro in the park. For food, drinks and more socializing, we moved on to an izakaya at Jinbocho and for those, whose vocal cords were still not tired, karaoke was the ideal conclusion of the evening.

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