Swiss Timber Solutions from ETH Zurich may cater to the Japanese market


Swiss Timber Solutions is an engineering spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETH Zurich), specializing in timber engineering. All the members are or used to be researchers at ETH.

One of their projects involves the design and construction of the ETH House of Natural Resources, for which they used post-tensioned timber frames and timber-concrete hybrid floors made of beech wood. By doing so, they could increase the use of beech wood as a building material and reduce the use of concrete. Another added value to the use of beech wood is that it can be recycled instead of immediately being burned as firelog, which is the typical use for the lumber as of now, according to Dr. Jockwer from Timber Solutions.

The members of the spin-off are also very interested in expanding their activities in Japan. They explained that the use of post-tensioned timber frames (flexflame) would be particularly relevant because the whole frame is very flexible and thus resistant to earthquakes and strong wind; the frame moves laterally with earthquakes rather than staying put.

The different parts are also easily assembled, allowing the construction process to be quicker than conventional buildings.

For more information about Swiss Timber Solutions or to contact them, please visit their website:


A small sample of flexframe – courtesy of Dr. Jockwer

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