Swiss student researches artist Aya Takano

GAPWe are happy to present the High School Graduation Thesis “Aya Takano: L’Impermanence du monde” by Elliot Stanton, a student from Gymnase Auguste Piccard (pictured on the right) in Lausanne.

His strong interest in Japanese culture and art in general lead him to do research on the contemporary art movement “Superflat”, a movement linking inspiration from contemporary Manga and elements from traditional woodblock prints. Being very passionate and enthusiastic about the research already at his young age, he travelled all the way to Japan to visit numerous museums related to his thesis topic; at the beginning of his trip he visited the S&T Office Tokyo at the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan to get a brief introduction to Japan, its culture, innovativeness and education system.

Screenshot from the Artist Agency's Website

Screenshot from the Artist Agency’s Website

Finally, his thesis on Aya Takano, an active “Superflat” artist, was very well received, and his efforts were rewarded with the top mark. Congratulations to the young researcher!

We hope to welcome him again soon – next time hopefully as a university (exchange) student in Japan.

The thesis, kindly provided by Mr. Stanton can be downloaded here: Aya Takano L’Impermanence du monde

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