Swiss Start-up Versantis listed as a finalist of Pioneers Asia Challenge

As one out of twenty-four, the Swiss startup Versantis (ETH Zurich spin-off) located the ieLab has made it to the final round of the Pioneers Asia Challenge, which is a leading competition for advanced-stage startups. A startup event hosted by Japanese-based Nikkei and Vienna-based Pioneers will be held on March 23 in Tokyo. It will feature the winners of the competition.

Versantis, ETH Spin-Off


Versantis convinced the jury with its treatment, enhancing the clearance of toxins and bringing hope to people with liver diseases. According to the company, its peritoneal dialysis therapy is “more effective, safer and detoxifies patients’ blood faster”. Versantis’ CEO & co-founder Vincent Forster claims that with the therapy they are developing, the lives of liver patients worldwide will improve.

The company plans on starting trials in three years and being ready for market approval in Europe by 2021, then followed by Asia and the U.S.

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