Swiss Photography in Japan: Presentation by Prof. Marianne Müller

Swiss Photography in Japan: Presentation by Prof. Marianne Müller (ZHDK)

Prof. Marianne Müller, head of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK) Media & Design –  Photography Programme, was invited to give a presentation at an event  titled  “photo/ books hub, tokyoheld at Tokyo’s trendy Omotesando Hills complex during her visit to Japan. Together with the young and rising Japanese photographer Yokota Daisuke, Prof. Mueller discussed the process of her picture creation and elaborated on several of her works. Yokota Daisuke, Marianne Mueller

The one hour discussion held in both Japanese and English was followed by an enthusiastic crowd of photo and art enthusiasts. Swiss Photographer Marianne Müller concluded the talk by mentioning that she was especially fascinated by the self-publication of photo books, where young photographers can produce their ideas exactly in the way they envision it, without having to compromise because of the ideas of publishers or editors. Many new connections could be made after the talk, where Prof. Müller could further discuss with the local photography scene. R0001475

Another famous Swiss photographer’s work can soon be admired in Kyoto during the photography festival “Kyotographie“: Werner Bischof  (1916 – 1954)  was also an Alumni of ZHDK – he had graduated under Hans Finsler in 1936.

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