Swiss’ Experiences #5: From Lacquerware to a Golden Lion

The first round of presentations in the series titled “Swiss’ Experiences: Surviving and Thriving in Japan” was concluded with another highlight: In the fifth edition, Dr. Vroni Shiohara elaborated on her story how she came to Japan, learned Japanese within a year and ended up getting her PhD in art restoration from the prestigious “Tokyo University of Arts“.

Her curiosity helped her integrate fast – even the intricate art of writing Japanese letters (by hand) did not scare her away, but encouraged her to study harder. She talked about her “life on the floor” – during her studies she exclusively worked on the floor and also at her home now she is living on Japanese tatami.

The numerous prizes and awards Dr. Shiohara has received until now were truly impressive and the 30 participants were not only amazed – referring to her as a “super woman” –  but also inspired by her positive attitude and her will to learn. Vroni Shiohara emphasised that the working days then and now were long, but she enjoyed the projects and enjoys her job.

Currently she is working for Toyota’s in-house marketing agency Delphy’s Interactive where she produces catchy ad movies, something unrelated to her previous studies. In 2015 she even received a Golden Lion from the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity! In her little spare time she is still working on lacquer-ware, the art she had originally studied. Thank you for a truly inspiring evening!

Together with the SCCIJ we have decided to continue the series; the next speaker will be Ms. Bettina Gnägi who is working as an Editorial Administrator for Edanz Group in Kyushu’s Fukuoka. Join us for another interesting presentation and discussion!

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