Swiss’ Experiences #4 with Dr. Aurelio Cortese

Already the fourth time more than  30 Switzerland related participants met at Okuno & Partner’s offices to share and discuss their Japan experiences at the event-series titled “Swiss Experiences: Surviving and Thriving in Japan” organised jointly by the SCCIJ and the S&T Office Tokyo, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan.

Presenter #4 was Dr. Aurelio Cortese who  after his graduation from EPFL started his life in Japan as a trainee at the Swiss Embassy (where he also created this website!) and recently graduated with a doctoral degree from the Advanced Telecommunication Research Institute International ATR near Nara.

His positive attitude seemed contagious when he reported about all the “luck” he had! He attributed the lack of integration difficulties also to the fact that he grew up in Italy and Switzerland, and had worked and traveled in other countries, making him quite open to new experiences. He was grateful to the opportunities he had received, especially also from MEXT who sponsored his PhD research. He also explained that despite his limited Japanese language skills he never really had any communication issues in Japan.
Aurelio recently decided to stay at least two years more at his current work place, but now as a postdoctoral researcher where he recently published two papers! Thank you for this very motivating speech!!

Next presenter will be Dr. Vroni Shiohara who will talk about her experiences on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. Please join us for an interesting discussion!

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