Swiss Experiences #2: Vigience CEO Mr. Stierli captures audience

The concept worked out well again — the second round of the newly initiated
lecture series “Swiss Experiences: Thriving and Surviving in Japan
attracted an equally big group of participants that first attentively listened to the stimulating presentation of Vigience founder and CEO Mr. Markus Stierli and then engaged in a round-table discussion before continuing to the casual “Samichlaus” flavored networking reception. 

Mr. Stierli has more than 20 years of experience in Japan where he first came to study the language; during the 6 months of language training he sent out 60 applications to finally land a job with German company SAP.  He started his career as part of the team that created SAP Japan’s phenomenal growth in the mid-90’s when he was the responsible manager for the Japanese market introduction of SAP’s major Internet releases. He spent 11 years at SAP before founding his own company with former colleagues.

Markus Stierli who is now leading the business development, marketing and product management activities of Vigience explained that it took his company several years to land a Japanese client. He confirmed the common notion that building relationships in Japan takes time, but added that such relationships last longer than in other countries and elucidated this through several anecdotes. He enjoys the energy in Japan and how people “think big” and have grand ideas that they try to put into practice – also with the help of his company, Vigience.

He closed his presentation with a 10-second advertisement: Vigience is hiring (also Swiss!) Software engineers – please apply! 

The evening ended with a timely networking reception with Swiss wine, mandarins, seasonal cakes, peanuts and Swiss chocolate.

The next round of “Swiss Experiences – Thriving and Surviving in Japan” will take place on Thursday, January 12, 2017; the speaker will be Dr. Andres Mueller, EPFL Graduate and Engineer at Nippon Koei Co, Ltd. in their Fukushima branch. Please join us and already now register here.

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