Swiss documentary on blockchain screened in Tokyo

“The Blockchain and Us”, a documentary produced by Swiss author and filmmaker Mr. Manuel Stagars, was showcased in Tokyo mid-December. Around 50 guests from very diverse backgrounds gathered at the venue to attend the screening, the following Q&A session and networking occasion.

Mr. Manuel Stagars and Mr. Michael Mroczek from the SCCIJ

The movie features several interviews with professionals all over the world, including researchers, politicians, software developers or entrepreneurs, currently using or interested in blockchain. It addresses eight relevant topics, such as business opportunities arising from this new technology, its influence and interaction with banks and more “traditional” institutions, as well as its potential and future. Researchers from ETH Zurich and the mayor of Zug, home to the Crypto-Valley Association which continues to attract many startups and young entrepreneurs, were also spotlighted in the documentary.

Blockchain technology is still much of an unknown, and the movie raised many questions from the audience. Mr Manuel Stagars’ interest in blockchain started when the name was scarcely used, and he compares it to the invention of the airplane – a technology still hard to understand, but with unlimited potential.

The event was organized by the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, with the support of the Science & Technology Office Tokyo.

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