Swiss Delegation at the STS Forum 2013 in Kyoto

– Swiss Delegation at the STS Forum 2013 in Kyoto –

This year the Science and Technology in Society (STS) Forum, an international gathering of top decision makers annually taking place in Kyoto, celebrated its 10th anniversary. A high-level Swiss delegation participated and effectively used the opportunity to hold bilateral meetings. The delegation was led by State Secretary Dr. Dell’Ambrogio, and was composed of the following people: Dr. Sekanina, Director of CTI/KTI, Prof. Schmitt, Senior Vice President of ETH Zurich, Prof. Eggen, Deputy Director of Eawag, Prof. Brune of EPFL and member of the evaluation panel for SNSF, Prof. Schmidt, Head of the Electrochemistry Laboratory at PSI, Prof. Kaiserswerth, Director of IBM Research Zurich, Prof. Courvoisier, President of SAAS and SCNAT, Prof. Gutscher, President of SAHS, Prof. Puttgen of EPFL, Prof. Haour of IMD, Prof. Burkhardt-Holm of the University of Basel, Dr. Byland of ETH Zurich as well as Prof. Alexander J. B. Zehnder and Mr. Alexander P. L. Zehnder. Dr. Frey, Head of the Science and Technology Office Tokyo accompanied throughout the visit.

During his visit, the State Secretary also attended the EU-Japan Science Policy Forum as one of the main speakers and represented Switzerland in the Science and Technology Ministers’ Roundtable Meeting organized by the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan. Dr. Dell’Ambrogio also held bilateral meetings with counterpart ministers as well as presidents of funding agencies.

Following the STS Forum, the State Secretary and the Swiss delegation visited Kyoto University to meet with the University’s president Prof. Matsumoto and executive vice presidents responsible for knowledge and tech transfer, innovation, international affairs and research. This visit also provided an insight into to the Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS), a World Premier International (WPI) research center, funded by the Japanese government. iCeMS is an interdisciplinary research center combining Kyoto University’s established strength in cell biology, chemistry and physics to delve into cell-inspired materials and materials for cell controls with the goal to create innovations in medicine, pharmaceuticals and the environment.

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