Swiss Center Shanghai – Interesting Presentation & Lively Discussion in Tokyo

IMG_6368On Thursday, February 25, Ms. Aline Ballaman, Deputy General Manager of the Swiss Center Shanghai visited the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan to introduce her activities  and the collaboration with Swissnex China, the Swiss Business Hub, the Embassy of Switzerland in China
and the Chamber of Commerce.

SCSThe non-profit Swiss Center founded in 2000 is already comprised of 4 different entities in China, catering to all kinds of Swiss Business, from
manufacturers to importers.

Ms. Ballaman reported several success stories related to Swiss enterprises entering the Chinese market; the Swiss Center Shanghai has served more than 300 SMEs to setup and operate in IMG_6370China together with accredited service partners. The Swiss Center assists with entering the Chinese Market by providing instant facilities and operational support services to Swiss business in China.

The presentation was followed by a lively discussion; the embassy staff showed a strong interest in the ongoing activities happening in the neighboring country China.

Inviting Ms. Ballaman to the Embassy in Japan to present her work with the Swiss Center Shanghai  was part of the ongoing collaboration between the S&T Offices and Swissnex in China, Korea and Japan.

Thank you, Aline, for an interesting presentation!

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