Swiss Broadcasting Corporation discovers cutting-edge Japan

R0005095Executive members of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation responsible for innovation visited Japan as part of their mission to discover cutting-edge trends in some technology savvy and culturally different settings. After having spent intense three days in Korea – a study tour organised by Christian Schneider of the S&T Office Seoul – the delegation arrived in Tokyo in the late morning of August 27.

As the Swiss visitors’ background was very broad, the themes of the tour were manifold: Latest trends in virtual & mixed reality, Tokyo’s startup & maker space scene, as well as top-level academic research were investigated.

Highlights of the trip included visits to Team Lab, SmartNews, DMM.make Akiba, NOTTV and Keio University’s Graduate School of Media Design. The members also experienced Sony’s project Morpheus virtual reality headsets and a brief “time travel” tour using 3D glasses offered by Kintetsu International in collaboration with AsukaLab. Together with members of Asahi, NHK and Twitter, the Swiss high-level delegation discussed the future of media in an event organized by the Culture Section of the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan.

The Swiss visitors were impressed by the vibrance and dynamism of the visited Japanese companies and lively discussed differences also between the Korean and Japanese company visits.

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