Swiss Biotech Report 2014 released

Swiss Biotech Report 2014 released Swiss biotech companies have for years proved to be comparatively crisis-resistant. Although the European debt crisis continued to be perceptible in many sectors last year, the biotech sector was able to pick up above-average momentum. The sector saw increases in terms of net sales, capital investments and number of employees.

The full report can be downloaded here:

The Swiss Biotech Report 2014  illustrates the positive development of the pharmaceutical biotech sector (‘red biotechnology’ or ‘biotech healthcare’) last year.

  • Net sales of all biotech companies domiciled in Switzerland amounted to a total of 4,744 million CHF in 2013 and increased by 102 million CHF compared with the previous year.SwissBiotechReport2014
  • Capital investments in Swiss biotech companies increased from 260 to 418 million CHF compared with the previous year. This exceptional increase is attributable to the listed Evolva company as well as to over 20 other companies. However, experience in the past year also shows that early-stage financing continues to be difficult.
  • A total of 252 companies are active in the Swiss biotech sector as the result of a number of recent start-ups.
  • Compared with the previous year, a total of over 400 new jobs were created. As a result, the number of employees in the Swiss biotech sector amounts to over 14,000. The number of indirectly associated jobs with companies acting as suppliers or service providers for the sector amounts to between 25,000 and 30,000.

Biotechnology is not just related to pharmacy but omnipresent in various sectors, such as environmental protection and the food industry. Without always being aware of the fact, we benefit directly from biotechnology – for example when clothes become clean at a lower temperature thanks to new enzymes in detergents. The biotech sector is extremely innovative and an important growth driver of the Swiss economy. Swiss Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann is convinced: ‘We expect biotechnology to continue to play a key role in the sustainable development of the Swiss economy’, Minister Schneider-Ammann writes in the introduction to the Swiss Biotech Report.

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