STS Forum 2015 in Kyoto & Side Visits with a Record-Size Swiss Delegation

PM Abe opening the STS forum together with 2 Prime Ministers and a Dep. Prime Minster.

PM Abe opening the STS forum together with 2 Prime Ministers and a Dep. Prime Minster.

This year’s edition of the STS forum, taking place early October in Kyoto, could boast with several highlights: Already during the first session, three prime-ministers (Japan, France, Sri Lanka), and the Russian Deputy Prime Minister gave their opening statements. Japan’s Prime Minister Abe promised that autonomous cars would be readily available during the 2020 Olympics taking place in Tokyo!

The Swiss Delegation consisted of University Presidents, Directors and Deputy Directors of Research Institutes, CSO’s, and Presidents of Swiss Academies – with 15 people, a record-sized high-level delegation. The Swiss participants enjoyed the interesting discussions and speeches during the STS forum, as well as the many occasions to network with other researchers and policy makers from all over the world.

R0005478Before returning to Tokyo, the delegation got to enjoR0005487y a tour through Kyoto’s oldest Zen Temple, Kenninji. The stone garden and old wooden buildings were radiating in the morning sun.

The next visit showed a totally different aspect of Japan: Kawada Robotics in Tokyo introduced their latest humanoid robots, Nextage. These robots are ideal to support their human colleagues and work side-by-side with them. The delegation was visibly impressed by Japan’s high-tech.

We hope to receive a similarly large high-level delegation again for STS forum 2016!


Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

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