S&T Office goes virtual: VR Annual Report released!

Last year, the Science & Technology Office Tokyo of the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan decided to go virtual! All events were recorded with a 360-degree camera or photographed with a 3D camera in preparation for the first Virtual Reality Annual Report:

VR Retrospective 2016“.

Dario Lanfranconi an architect and alumni of ETH Zurich who is currently doing his internship at the Science & Technology Office of the Embassy of Switzerland was frantically designing and programming the digital annual report during the last few months. He beautifully designed a whole Swiss-Japanese island with 19 hidden caves that document many of the projects that the S&T Office Tokyo had organised in 2016! André Bezerra, Master’s student at the University of Lausanne/ HEC, helped him port the app to Android.

The “VR Retrospective 2016” was released for
Android and iOS this week; together with a descriptive map and VR cardboard goggles in a stylish box, the report was sent out to stakeholders and partners of the office.

Please download the “VR Retrospective 2016” app from the dedicated page “ar2016.stofficetokyo.ch” and explore our projects on the virtual island – be sure to find all 19 caves and discover all the hidden details! Gotta catch ’em all!

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