Sky Magic: Drone ballet in front of Mount Fuji

One of the most intriguing features of Japan is the harmony between the old and the new, tradition and modernity. MicroAd, one of the largest ad network businesses in Japan shows this in a beautiful performance: Sky Magic – Live at Mt. Fuji.DroneFujiII

More than twenty MIDI controlled drones carrying over 16’500 LED lights dance a magical ballet in front of Mt. Fuji, synchronized with music played on Shamisen. The drones as well as the visual and audio aspects are all controlled at the same time using the DMX512 digital communication network. Cutting-edge technology meets a world heritage site and centuries-old instruments.

DroneFujiIIIAccording to the futurist and project’s creative director Tsuyoshi Takashiro, drones are like flying smartphones, connected to the internet. MicroAd’s CEO Kentaro Watanabe believes that this usage of drones will turn the existing real space into cyber space. The frontier between these two will fade away. In the near future, MicroAd plans to use this kind of entertainment shows at stadiums, festivals or theme parks, displaying logos and slogans for advertising purposes, creating a new way of advertising in the entertainment industry.

Enjoy the show in the video below!

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