Site Visit in Zurich after Switzerland-Japan Joint Committee Meeting

Site Visit in Zurich after Japan-Switzerland Joint Committee Meeting

R0002772After the successful Joint Committee Meeting held in Bern on December 12, the high-level Japanese delegation visited on Saturday morning ETH Zurich’s Hönggerberg Campus where they were welcomed by Prof. Jeffrey Bode.

Professor Bode who is not only professor at ETH Zurich but also Adjunct-Professor at Nagoya University presented his research collaboration with the WPI project at the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules, Nagoya University. R0002788All the participants were impressed by the intense exchange between Professor Bode’s lab at ETH Zurich and his colleagues at Nagoya University.

After the lab visit at ETH Zurich, the Japanese delegation continued their tour and visited IBM Research Zurich where they were welcomed by Director Dr. Matthias Kaiserswerth.

R0002792Dr. Kaiserswerth presented the history of IBM Research Zurich, their ongoing research projects, as well as the proximity to ETH Zurich through the Binnig & Rohrer Nanotechnology Center. Dr. Germann, the head of the nanotechnology center, took the delegation to the noise-free lab and discussed the collaboration with ETH Zurich as well as the Materials Science and Technology Laboratory, Empa.

The third presentation before the lunch-meeting was given by Dr. Alessandro Curioni, IBM Fellow and head of the division “Cognitive Computing und Computational Sciences“. The interested delegation continued the discussion with Dr. Curioni during lunch before they had to board the plane to return to Japan.

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