Shokumon Award 2013 Goes to Nestlé

– University of Tokyo’s Shokumon Award 2013 goes to Nestlé –

“The University of Tokyo would express its appreciation and acknowledgment as Shokumon Award to Nestle, for the outstanding and continuous supports of the sponsored chair. The ceremony will be held on October 8th.” – University of Tokyo

top336_02The Shokumon Award recognizes and thanks individuals, corporations, and organizations that have made a major contribution to the growth of the University, either through private donations, volunteer work and support, or the establishment of endowed chairs and research centers.

“Shokumon” is the name of the castle gate in the capital of the ancient Chinese state Qi during the civil war era (403-221 B.C.). Under King Wei (356-320 B.C.) and King Xuan (319-300 B.C.), the state treated academics very well, which brought the best minds to the capital Linzi of Qi and lead to a flourishing of academic activities. The area around the Shokumon gate was called “Shokuka”, where many academics gathered together, and the term “Shokuka intellectuals” was coined. The award is named after this history.

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