Research for Design: Nishi Market and Food of Kyoto. Now at KYOTO Design Lab’s Tokyo Gallery!

Kyoto Institute of Technology’s Design Lab has a new exhibit on based on research in coordination with  Prof. Manuel Herz from the University of Basel and Architekt  Shadi Rahbaran. It casts a new look on the interaction between Kyoto’s food culture, cultural behavior, infrastructure and ecosystem and how all of these factors influence Nishiki Market, which has long been known as the center of food culture in Kyoto.

The exhibit shows not only research on the food of Kyoto and Nishiki Market but also design proposals that express new interpretations of the twenty-four seasons based on the Japanese lunar calendar.

You can see the exhibit at KYOTO Design Lab’s Tokyo Gallery at  3331 Arts Chiyoda until the 22nd of April.

You can find more information about the exhibit here.

This is not the first collaboration between KIT’s Design lab, Prof. Herz and Ms.  Rahbaran. Please find more information here and here.

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