PV Expo 2013 – Swiss Solar Pavilion

 The PV Expo 2013

The Swiss Solar Pavilion at PV Expo 2013 was organized by the Science & Technology Office Tokyo, with the aim of showcasing Swiss excellence in solar cells and photovoltaic technologies.

Since 2006, Switzerland has had the opportunity to demonstrate its high-quality R&D and educational capabilities at the world’s leading PV exhibition and conference under the umbrella of the Swiss Embassy.

The three-day event attracted some 80,000 visitors and participants were enthusiastic  about the outcome. Many meetings were held and discussions initiated at the pavilion, thus proving that the pavilion, the Swiss solar landscape, and top-notch Swiss technologies in these fields are very attractive.

In the gallery you will find a selection of photos from the pavilion and the event, highlighting their dynamism.





PV Expo 2013 was help at Tokyo Big Site from February 27 to March 01. 

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