Public Lecture on “Topology Design in the Digital Age” in Kyoto

Prof Girot. giving his lecture. ©Science and Technology Office Tokyo

Prof. Christophe Girot, dean-designate of the Architecture Department of ETH Zürich gave a public lecture on Topology Design in the Digital Age at the Museum of Kyoto, a cultural heritage of Japan’s historical capital. The event was organized by the KYOTO Design Lab of the Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT)  with the support of the Science & Technology Office Tokyo, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan.
The public lecture concluded a 5-day workshop on “3D Scanning and Sound Recording Workshop” in Kyoto by specialists from ETH Zürich in collaboration with KYOTO Design Lab.

Prof. Yoshiro Ono, Professor and CEO of the KYOTO Design Lab and vice president of KIT, as well as Prof. Masahiro Kinoshita, architect and professor at KIT welcomed the audience to the public lecture and gave opening remarks before leaving the floor to Prof. Girot.

Prof. Girot presented some of the works conducted by his team and members of the KYOTO Design Lab last year in famous and beautiful gardens of Kyoto such as the Shisen-dô, Toraya and Ninigi. Through the use of 3D point cloud models, extremely precise terrestrial laser scanners, and surround microphones, the team was able to record very aesthetic footages of the spatial and acoustic dimensions of Japanese gardens landscape. Prof. Girot also showcased other projects that digitally grasped the glaciers atop the Swiss alps, the city of Zurich as well as remote places around the world.

ETH Zurich published a pamphlet, “Sampling Kyoto Gardens”, inviting “the reader on a literary stroll through traditional Japanese gardens set into the contemporary urban environment of Kyoto.” The booklet features the works by ETH Zurich and KYOTO Design Lab teams in Kyoto, as well as texts written by the professors and researchers involved in the project.

The lecture attracted around 100 enthusiastic visitors from the media, industry and academia. There was notable presence of Japanese and international students indicating the keen interest of the younger generation in the advanced technology used by Prof. Girot’s team.

The public lecture was followed by the launch event of the Architecture short-film series: “Japanese Architecture – Swiss Inspirations: 8 portraits from Tokyo”.


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