Panasonic Accelerator 2016 open for Swiss Startups!

Together with the open innovation platform provider creww, Panasonic opened its Panasonic Startup AcceleratorPanasonic Accelerator 2016” program to international startups, also allowing Swiss startups to apply!

If you’re a startup that wants to sell to Japanese companies or work with them to distribute your product, please apply directly to Panasonic’s open innovation accelerator program: Panasonic Accelerator 2016.

Why does Panasonic do this? – “By collaborating with up-and-coming startups, we would like to learn how to launch a business lightly and swiftly and put that into practice to generate actual new businesses (regardless of the size).”

The focus lies on three main themes: “Home Appliances and Living”, “Work”, and “Advanced Technologies”:

  1. Home Appliances and Living: Proposals for new services, new or improved features, and new usage scenarios with regards to general home appliances including robotic vacuum cleaners, smart air conditioners, washing machines, cooking appliances, TVs, as well as online services such as WeekCook Navi and KitchenPocket.
  1. Work: Proposals on new work styles for our 250,000 employees around the world, including new concepts regarding work environment, enhancement of benefit programs and improving efficiency of recruiting activities.
  2. Leading-Edge Technologies: The technology assets include high-performance brain or muscle bioelectric potential sensor; spoken language analysis by artificial intelligence; and diagnostic imaging support system for medical images utilizing machine learning.

Please note that the application period already closes on July 28th! 

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