Nippon Koei Engineer Dr. Müller on his experiences in Japan – Swiss Experiences #3

Already round three of the successful “Swiss Experiences: Surviving and Thriving in Japan” series was held on Thursday, January 12, 2017. Again, more than 30 participants signed up to discuss their experiences in Japan.

After presentations by a Swiss professor and a Swiss entrepreneur, round three shone the spotlight on Dr. Andres Müller, EPFL graduate and now engineer at the Fukushima office of Nippon Koei Ltd. Even though Dr. Müller has only lived in Japan for less than ten months, he already had experiences with Japan from his work during his PhD studies at EPFL where his lab collaborated with Japanese entities.

The presentation started with a short introduction to the background of his work at Nippon Koei — small-scale hydropower plants — Andres Müller discussed his motivation and experiences of living in Japan.

His enthusiasm and positive attitude were impressive: He explained that as an only foreigner in his current office among 300 colleagues, he did face challenges – for example regarding the language. However, these challenges were greatly outnumbered by the opportunities he received through his current work. He praised the quality of life of his new home in Fukushima Prefecture with beautiful landscapes and (especially compared to Tokyo) reasonably priced apartments; he now also found a Japanese teacher and is eagerly studying Japanese. 

Thank you, Andres, for sharing your enthusiasm! We look forward to more interesting discussions during Swiss Experiences #4 with Dr. Aurelio Cortese, another EPFL graduate and now postdoctoral researcher at ATR in Nara; please sign up now!

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