New World Record Efficiency for Dye Solar Cells

New World Record Efficiency for Dye Solar Cells

In a research article published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature, Prof. Michael Graetzel and his team described a new deposition process for pigments used in solid-state dye solar cells (DSC). Cells created using this technique have an efficiency of 15%, and were externally validated at 14.1%, thus establishing a new world record.

This certified efficiency result practically eclipses all previous records, and projects the energy output and the possibilities of DSC to the next level. Indeed, DSC technology is relatively cheap and has competitive efficiency. Furthermore, on of the main advantages that DSCs provide when compared to traditional silicon based solar cells, is the consistent energy output, no matter the light conditions: low-light, dawn, dusk, cloudy, indoor/artificial, shaded or indirect. This in turn allows a grater seasonal energy output and broader options for usability.

The deposition process newly realized by Prof. Graetzel is reproducible and the developers are now eyeing commercialization and mass-production within a few years.

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