MoU for Exchange between Nursing School in Switzerland and Japan

Agreement for Exchange between Nursing School in Switzerland and Japan

On May 12, the International Day of Nurses and birthday of Florence Nightingale, the oldest secular school of nursing sciences, “La Source” (founded in 1859 in Lausanne, Switzerland), signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing in Tokyo. With this agreement in place, the schools will be exchanging both staff and students between the two countries every year starting in 2015. As stated in the MoU, the collaboration is guided by the principles of the ICRC.

Prof. Sanae Takada (President of The Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing), Prof. Jacques Chapuis (Director of Institut et Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source, Lausanne) and Ms. Chantal Ostorero (Director General, Dept. of Education, Youth and Culture, Board of Higher Education, Canton de Vaud) signed the agreement at the Red Cross College in Hiroo, in the center of Tokyo.

“This is the first MoU with a Japanese institution, and it was made possible through the people who worked hard to gain a sense of the potential of the collaboration between the two schools.”, Mrs. Ostorero (Canton de Vaud) mentioned. The meetings started in 2010 and the collaboration strongly increased last October where all meetings showed to be extremely fruitful.

“Even though the schools have many points in common, such as similar concepts in nursing or the importance put on a high quality of the education, the differences in the two cultures will lead to a rich experience for both students and professors”, President Takada mentioned. Prof. Tsutsui (Dean of the Graduate School) emphasised how impressed she was by the fast decision-making on the Swiss side. She hopes that both students and faculty will learn a lot from both the school in Switzerland as well as the country itself. Ms. Maxline Stettler (Director of Int. Affairs, Board of Higher Education, VD) is now looking forward to welcoming the Japanese students in Switzerland.

The signing ceremony was followed by visits of the school and a public lecture by the Swiss visitors.

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