Meet the best startups in Switzerland

Every year, the Top 100 Startup Award shines its light on the best startups in Switzerland. The 2015 selection was revealed on Wednesday night at a ceremony in Lausanne and it once again showcased just how high the quality of Swiss startups is.

LESS founders Sylvain Rivier and Yann Tissot

LESS founders Sylvain Rivier and Yann Tissot

Carefully put together by a hundred experts from various institutions, this year’s list of awardees provides insight on the problems Swiss entrepreneurs address, and the solutions they come up with. The prominence of companies that are working on advanced technology and research-intense products confirms what is a known Swiss strength.

Here is a look at the top three.

  1. L.E.S.S. is developing a new lighting technology based on nano-structured waveguides, with an eye towards energy efficiency.
  2. Abionic uses the most advanced technology to make a novel diagnostic tool for allergy detection.
  3. Flyability makes a drone that can fly in complex environments where no other robots can be used. Winner of the Drones for Good Award.Flyabiliy-Gimball-2-e1427051111426

All three are EPFL spin-offs. Take a look at the full list here.

Photo credits: VentureLab, Flyability.

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