Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture partnering with Japanese Universities

Prof. Schulz and Prof. Futai (Musashino University) – courtesy of Prof. Schulz

Similarities in the Art of Architecture and the drive to perfection, favors the link between Japan and Switzerland. Yet, the language and physical distance combined with the respect for the other culture have been reasons for limited success in finding suitable cooperation.

By June 2016, the Science & Technology Office Tokyo had identified potential Japanese institutions to collaborate with and to meet the priorities & desires of the Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture. During one week, Prof. Schulz, Head of International Relations in Lucerne, was scouting Japan by visiting five Universities, attending a higher education fair in Tokyo, and meeting at the Swiss Embassy to build a solid base for a common future.

Subsequent communication via skype, mail, and one counter visit led to the conclusion of three partnership agreements in 2017, namely with: Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT), Musashino University and Kanagawa University. During the summer of 2017, the first Lucerne undergraduate Business Engineering Student joint the summer school at KIT, while two of his colleagues are currently spending one exchange semester at Musashino and at Kanagawa, respectively. In parallel, one graduate Architectural Student from Kyoto is enjoying an exchange semester in Lucerne with more applications on the table in both directions.

During September 2017, Prof. Schulz returned to Japan for several days, being accompanied by Prof. Käferstein, Head of the Lucerne Institute of Architecture. With the support of the Science & Technology Office Tokyo, they visited together all three partner institutions, establishing among others a five year plan with KIT around joint studios on the topic of Architecture in the vicinity of lakes.

Thanks to the Science & Technology Office Tokyo, the Schools, Lecturers, and Students look forward to working together on a common vision of growing through international cooperation.

Oct 2nd 2017, U. Schulz.

Prof. Schulz and Prof. Käferstein visit Kyoto Institute of Technology (courtesy of Prof. Schulz)


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